Announcing Release of Cruise through History Itinerary VI Atlantic Ports of North America with Cuba and Bermuda

October 18, 2021
cover of book 13 itinerary vi
Cruise through History Itinerary VI Atlantic Ports of North America with Cuba and Bermuda

In Itinerary VI, Ports of the Atlantic Coast of North America, travel north from Miami to Montreal, porting in Cuba and Bermuda along the way. Stories are drawn from ancient to recent history, showcasing delightful sights to visit and insight to characters leaving their legacy on the landscape. Presented from deep dives into annals of history, stories debunk some common myths and illuminate contributions of inspirational actors. 

Begin in Florida, where Ponce de Leon searched for the Fountain of Youth, made a paradise by the perennial youthful architects of South Beach and North Beach. In Key West, visit Hemingway and his haunts in the First Mile of Fun, made accessible by the Flagler railway. Then launch into Cape Canaveral for the history of from first inhabitants to space travel.

Image of Hemingway's Pilar in Cuba
Hemingway’s Pilar in Cuba

In Cuba, learn the history of Cuba, the ascent of Castro, and the reason Cubans are not likely to change their resourceful regard for creativity with few resources. See Havana for the beauty that remains. Then join Sister Cities of Havana-Miami-Key West for a long-term relationship, that defies embargo and politics.

image of Havana Harbor with Real Fuerza (center-front)
Havana Harbor with Real Fuerza (center-front)

In the Bahamas meet three unlikely governors, a pirate, an adventurer who rescued Selkirk, inspiration for Robinson Crusoe, and a former king of England. Then enter the world of slavery and freedom for mutineers in the Creole Case of 1841, a case that complicated resolution of the Canada-US boundary.

Visit Bermuda, discovered in a tempest, that inspired Shakespeare to write a play. Then learn why Bermuda did not become the 14th Colony to join the young United States. In Charleston, find a city preserved as the stronghold of slavery and birthplace of the Civil War, which instigated historic preservation, of all history, with integrity, and honesty, that became a model for the US and the world.

image of National Museum of African American History and Culture
National Museum of African American History and Culture
image of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir
Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir

In Washington visit lesser-visited museums, that tell stories of philanthropic collections, as well as non-collection dependent museums of Native American and African American History and Culture. Go to New York for its discovery by Henry Hudson, then walk Up Broadway from Battery Park to Central Park in pictures, to see city history develop along the original Dutch path to the water supply, now Central Park.

Walk Independence Trail in Boston, where the American Revolution began. Then, wander serene Cliff Walk in Newport, home to mansions of the Gilded Age of American largess. Move further into serenity in Maine, as stories visit poets of Portland and the making of Acadia National Park.

Transition from the United States to maritime provinces of Canada, with three stories at sea. Search for the Northwest Passage, centuries of effort by captains from several countries. Enter the St. Lawrence River with Cartier and Champlain, in the battle with English rogues, who captured Quebec and sent Champlain to England as a prisoner. Champlain was not released until kings of England and France resolved the matter of dowery owed to the king of England by the father of the bride in France. Then see the actual interests that stoked the French and Indian War, with Britain and the Dutch.

image of Boston Old State House & Massacre Marker
Boston Old State House & Massacre Marker

It was the Timber War in New Brunswick, where the only fatalities were by bear, that resolved the eastern map of North America. In Nova Scotia learn the sad story of Acadians, exiled and resurfacing as Cajans in Louisiana, and the disappointment for Black Loyalists, free, but not equal in Nova Scotia. Nova Scotia harbors launched the career of Cunard and the Bluenose, the best-in-class racing ship for years. In Newfoundland, harsh climate was a refuge for Vikings seeking lumber and the unforgiving landscape inspired innovation in Alexander Graham Bell and inventors of underwater cable, kerosene lamps, and the first ship propeller. 

Of the two great cities of eastern Canada, Quebec began as a Beaver Aristocracy and Montreal as Catholic and French. The history of each city is preserved in streets, architecture of the Chateau Frontenac, and hundreds of churches in French style. End the journey climbing hundreds of stairs to the Oratoire St. Joseph in Park Mont Royal.

As stories float through time and across ports, they leave the traveler with new insight to growth of the New World. Read and enjoy the trip!

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