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Announcing Release of Cruise through History Itinerary VI Atlantic Ports of North America with Cuba and Bermuda

October 18, 2021
In Itinerary VI, Ports of the Atlantic Coast of North America, travel north from Miami to Montreal, porting in Cuba and Bermuda along the way. Stories are drawn from ancient to recent history, showcasing delightful...
cover of book 13 itinerary vi

For Safe Travel Take a Cruise

September 14, 2021
Somehow people feel sitting shoulder to shoulder, within six feet of eighteen people, vaccination and health status unknown, is acceptable. Airports are crowded. Planes fly full. Mention a cruise to people and they shudder.  Cruise...
Image Of Statues in Helsinki Wearing Masks

Cruise through History – Itinerary XV Ports of the Far East, with Indonesia – on sale now

August 2, 2021
Enter Itinerary XV in Cruise through History stories at the northern divide of east and west at the Bering Strait and sail south through the Far East to the Wallace Line, dividing Asia from the...
image of itinerary 15 cover

Greetings from a Cruise Ship at Sea

July 6, 2021
The long pause is ending. While politicians in DC, Florida, Scotland, and the CDC wrangle over rules for ships, cruise lines have addressed the business of guest safety with 21st century technology and healthy protocols....
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