Can’t Cruise? Take a Virtual Cruise to Sydney, Australia

December 29, 2020

Are you sitting home, alone, wishing to be on a cruise to ports of the world? Join like-minded travelers, coming together for lively conversation of experiences in, and desire to travel to, ports of the world, hosted by Dr. Sherry in the Cruise through History Travel Club.

For January, the virtual tour will head to the popular cruise port of Sydney, Australia. The story of Sydney, and this tour, begins at the cruise port pier, where none other than the famous Captain Bligh welcomes cruise travelers to Sydney. After the Mutiny on the Bounty, Bligh was sent to Sydney as a territorial governor, where he faced more controversy. History unfolds beyond the harbor, at the Rocks, Kings Cross, Hyde Park of the Territorial Transportation Era, and at the icon Sydney Opera House, all of which make Sydney the great destination port city of today.

Dr. Sherry narrates the video story of Sydney, posted to the video page of this website, and the Cruise through History FB page, then hosts a live discussion, with more stories of Sydney.

Social distancing need not be isolating. Join the group at 1 pm, EST, January 11, via Zoom. To join on Zoom, contact Dr. Sherry at, or leave a message on the Cruise through History FB page. Watch the Sydney video, then join fellow travelers face to face.

Enjoy all virtual cruises featured in past Cruise through History Travel Club sessions on the video page of this site. Read all the stories of Sydney, other ports of Australia, New Zealand and Pacific Islands in Cruise through History, Itinerary 14, released late 2020.

Captain Bligh — Welcome to Sydney


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