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Cruise through History Itinerary V, Ports of Arabia to the Atlantic, Across the Southern Mediterranean – on sale now!

June 21, 2021
Read Cruise through History stories, just for fun, before you take a cruise, or when dreaming of travel. Stories are told from perspectives of people in countries visited, so well-researched, true and delightfully entertaining. History...
Cruise Through History Itinerary V Cover

In Jordan Go Beyond Petra to Jerash

January 23, 2020
Of the millions of visitors who come to Jordan each year to see Petra, most leave without heading north of Amman to Jerash. To do so is a missed opportunity to see an impressive 2,000-year-old city, executed at the height of Roman building prowess. Jerash is the city of hundreds of columns....

Petra: Ancient City of Trade – Eternal City for Travelers

January 16, 2020
Mention of Petra instantly evokes visions of pink granite buildings carved into rock, as though Roman engineers strayed far from home to create a folly. Buildings of Petra, that amaze visitors, are older than some Roman cities. The population of Petra today is about the same as it was two thousand years ago, when it was the trade center of the Near East. Back then, the population was involved in trade. Today the population is employed in tourism. Today people walk or ride donkeys to where the Sig opens to the iconic pink sandstone Treasury building, just as they did two thousand years ago. The number of caravans coming to Petra at the time of Christ is hard to estimate. Today more than a million visitors each year check Petra off their travel to-do list....

Spend Intimate Moments in Less Visited Temples of Upper Egypt

January 9, 2020
Small temples of Egyptian Nubia, known since ancient times as Upper Egypt, the upstream Nile area of Southern Egypt and Northern Sudan, are no less grand in execution than Early Kingdom pyramids of Giza and...

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