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Dr. Sherry Hutt is an internationally recognized cultural heritage preservation expert, who was a college professor, judge, museum trustee, Smithsonian Institution fellow, head of the U.S. cultural property repatriation program and advisor to two U.S. presidents. She trained the first FBI Art Crime Team, prosecuted international art theft cases and negotiated return of cultural patrimony held in museums. She is the recipient of national honors for training Justice lawyers, land managers, archaeologists and law enforcement in cultural heritage protection and management. January 2017 the American Bar Association released Cultural Property Law 2nd edition by Hutt and Blanco. For 30 years, Dr. Hutt has been a frequent speaker at conferences on art, archaeology, law and economics, and now entertains on cruise ships, at book clubs and life-long learning events.  She authors the Cruise through History book series and enjoys sharing those stories with cruise guests, in video, blogs and zoom virtual cruise events. 

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