Ports of the Baltic Sea ITINERARY 11

February 19, 2021

Cruise through History – Itinerary XI Ports of the Baltic Sea, the fifth book in storybooks for traveler’s series, is a delightful romp through one fairytale city after another. These are stories of Viking kings and royal dynasties, competing for trade with the powerful Hanseatic League as they fought pirates and created the walled city of Tallinn and the European city of St. Petersburg. It is also a story of architects who designed Stockholm in the 18th century and Riga and Helsinki in the 19th century. Walk through Copenhagen with Hans Christian Anderson and explore the Hill of Witches in Klaipeda, Lithuania, where artists defied their Soviet overlords with hidden meaning in wooden statues crafted along a walk in the woods like no other.

Cruise through History takes readers beyond guide books to tell stories that make ports along a typical cruise itinerary so special and intriguing. Add depth and meaning to your travels, or just read the stories for all the interpersonal side of life your teachers never mentioned. Go into homes of historic celebrities to see what motivated their legacies on the landscape left for you to enjoy.

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