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Announcing release of Cruise through History of the Law in Ports of the World

October 24, 2022
For the lawyer seeking the fun side of the law, impress judges, and confound adversaries, with cases from over the last 2,000 years. Non-lawyers will enjoy travel through time when Druids, poets, and knights wrote...
image of cover of Cruise through History of the Law in Ports of the World

Announcing Release of Cruise through History Itinerary VII Ports of the Pacific Coast of North America with Hawaii

October 13, 2022
Cruise through History is a collection of short stories grouped by sequence of popular cruise itineraries, rather than by country, or period of history. As stories move from port to port, they randomly move through...
image of cover of itinerary 7

My Year of Covid-Free Cruise Travel

May 31, 2022
In June 2021, the cruise industry reproached the US Center for Disease Control to lift the ban on cruise ships sailing from US ports. Frank Del Rio of NCL, parent company of Oceania and Regent...
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Announcing Release of Cruise Through History РItinerary XIII Ports of Africa, India, and Southeast Asia 

April 11, 2022
Read Cruise through History stories, just for fun, before you take a cruise, or when dreaming of travel. Stories are told from the perspectives of people in countries visited, so well-researched, true, and entertaining. History...
Image of Cruise Through History Itinerary 13 Book Cover

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