Cruise Women’s Clothing: Burn Your Track Suit!

September 16, 2014

Cruise women’s clothing doesn’t have to be a track suit.  If you are a child of the 60s you remember the call to women’s freedom was burn your bra! Now you are still young, not a day under 45, and a world traveler. As you look around the airplane cabin, ready to take off for your cruise departure city, do you see otherwise lovely women wearing polyester track suits? Why should they? They aren’t comfortable, they don’t breathe. Why would you wear something on a vacation that you wouldn’t be caught wearing to run an errand at home. If you are truly a liberated traveler, put the item in the bag marked “donations,” and consider your options. After all, if you are going on vacation, you will have your picture taken. Think how you will look in the photo that you will use on your next holiday card.

Photographer Holland, Karl E., 1919-1993

Photographer Holland, Karl E., 1919-1993

If you do not want to incur a penalty, or an ugly look from the airline desk agent, you will keep your suitcase under 50 pounds. Some airlines, like Tahitian Air, have weight limits on carry-on bags. No matter how much closet space awaits you on the cruise ship, every item you take on your trip must do maximum duty. Your travel outfit should make you comfortable on the plane and be something you will want to wear on the ship. It should be washable under adverse conditions, like cruise ship laundries which do not have delicate cycles.

My travel standard for the last several years has been inexpensive Hue leggings in black (sold everywhere in hosiery departments), a lightweight tee-shirt, and an Eileen Fisher jacket. My favorite is a cotton knit, unconstructed blazer in grey, faced in t-shirt-white. My jacket has more miles on it than my new passport, but thankfully, Eileen Fisher brings out a version of the staple every spring. The best accessory is also one that is practical. I wear an Eileen Fisher linen scarf. It is great to loop around your neck to keep off airplane drafts, plus it is handy to have if you visit a mosque on your shore excursions.

If leggings are not your style, try pants by Lisette. It is a Canadian company that makes pull-on pants in a size for everyone, in several colors. Lisette pants meet the washable under adverse circumstances requirement. If there are none for sale near you call Pjs Fashions on Main, in Landrum, South Carolina. Landrum is not near any cruise ports, but PJ constantly mails out Lisette to customers. (864)457-3360.

The comfy sweatshirt has gone long in length and lovely. Lafayette has expanded its fall line this year to include fun-casual clothes. Try their crème long-shirt with the knit marzipan sleeves to wear on the plane, to lunch onboard, or as a swimsuit cover. Tunic sweaters are seen everywhere this fall. The challenge is to find tunics which are washable, preferably cotton or nylon blend, lightweight to pack and cool to wear. The best long-shirt to wear on a plane that I have seen (and bought) is the grey-front-black-back, with the white perforated sleeves, sweater by Rebecca Taylor.

Your travel clothes can be as relaxed as you are on vacation. If the track suit has been your airplane uniform, pass it on and replace it. Be comfy and dress like your picture could be taken at any moment.

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