Fun stories of places from around the world in Cruise through History

September 7, 2020

Looking for a way to travel the world without boarding an airplane? Enjoy fun stories of places from around the world in Cruise through History. Each CTH book has short stories to transport the reader along a cruise itinerary, with more than history at each port stop. Each story goes deep to tell stories of inspiring characters, who shaped popular places, where travelers often love to visit, or dream of a visit.

CTH stories also go to places less visited, which are special finds of experienced travelers. Go beyond guidebooks and quick travel tips, which check off the most visited sites of the world.


In CTH stories, author Dr. Sherry Hutt has mined thousands of pages of academic tomes, historic diaries and government documents, to bring out the fun bits of history left out of school. Then she illustrates the stories with colorful photos and art. Find out why cities and small havens of the world look as they do, what makes Venice and Rome so special, or the impact of Napoleon’s mother, Catherine the Great, Cervantes, or Saint Patrick on magical places.

There are fifteen itineraries in the Cruise through History series of storybooks. Nine books are available now, in paper and e-book. Each book transports the reader along a popular cruise itinerary, with amazing stories, all true, with characters, familiar and new, brought to real life in the midst of tragedy, jealousy and strokes of inspiring brilliance.

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