Robert Burns Country Alloway Scotland

July 15, 2019

Robert Burns was born in a cottage in Alloway Scotland in 1759.  In his 37 years, the much loved national poet of Scotland traveled and almost left the country for the West Indies to rid himself of lady problems.  He stayed and sites from his life in Scotland appear in his poems, such as Brig o’Doon, the bridge over the River Doon.  Tam o’ Shanter was chased by a witch, seen in street signs.  

The little commercial area of Alloway Scotland, across from the Burns cottage, which remembers Burns fondly.
The bridge over the River Doon, namesake of Brig o’ Doon, with the Burns Monument in the right background.
Sign for Brig o’ Doon, with the witch chasing the unfortunate soul before he can cross the river.
Burns Cottage where he was born in 1759. The cottage is a museum.
Burns Monument and Garden in Alloway, Scotland, on the Firth of Clyde, out toward the sea from Glasgow.

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