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September 15, 2014

My upcoming travel schedule is full of exciting places and new cruise adventures.  As I travel I will be accumulating the stories that will fill the itineraries of upcoming Cruise through History books. As always I will be taking pictures.  Follow my blog and you can travel with me.  Over the next few months, I will be sailing on a cruise each month.  All of the ports have something lovely to experience.  No matter how much I research a destination or port city before my trip, there is always something to learn from experiencing a new place.  When I return to a spot, there is always something more to learn.  That is why cruise travelers frequently repeat a cruise itinerary, varying the experience with different shore excursions.

The blog gives me the opportunity to share mini-stories that may not make it into the books.  I will share the finds when I locate the haunts of the characters that appear in Cruise through History, or an additional place where they left their mark.  I am on a mission to find all of the statues of Garibaldi around the world.

On my blog I will post the vignettes that make travel fun, and the gaffs too.  I can also share the immediate stories of people encountered on my travels.  Any traveler knows that no matter where you go, it is the chance encounters with local characters that make a trip memorable.

I am often asked where I stay on my travels, where the good restaurants are, and what local sights are not to miss.  These too I will share in the blog.  The great museums of the world are known to all but there are little gems that I often find and can share through my blog.  Examples of fun finds are the museum of tobacco pipes in Bergerac, the museum of Vodka along the Volga, or the museé de hamón in Madrid.  Maybe readers have a fun find to share.  If so, please contact me and I will be happy to look into it further.

The Cruise through History stories take place along cruise itineraries.  My upcoming travels will take me to popular and new cruise ports.  I will also be traveling far from ports and to places that cruise ships do not go – yet.  I look forward to an in-depth trip through Cuba in February 2015.

Most important, the blog gives me the opportunity to receive your comments and to add to our enjoyment of travel.  Travel with me as I sail, trek, and bus around the world.  Have a look at the first itinerary to get an idea of what’s it all about.

Until then, I hope to find you on my travels.


Bon Voyage,


Sherry Hutt

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