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Cruise through History

Cruise Through History Virtual Tour of Ravenna, Italy

Wander with Dr. Sherry through churches of Ravenna, covered in 5th century mosaics of the early Christian church endowed by Galla Placidia. Tour the city of Galla and later Dante, his paradise where he paused to write the Divine Comedy. Be inspired by Galla, a mother, empress, and diplomat, who negotiated with the Roman Senate and Attila the Hun to maintain beauty and peace in her domain.

Cruise Through History Virtual Tour of Canary Islands

Join Dr. Sherry in a romp through mysteries of the Canary Islands, Dragon Trees and Pyramids of Tenerife, the sunken city of Atlantis on Lanzarote, and caves of ancient people on Gran Canaria. Sample the fun on each of the islands in stories as you plan your next cruise.

Cruise through History Virtual Tour of Bermuda

Join Dr. Sherry in historic St. George’s, the lively capital of Hamilton, and the Royal Naval Dockyards of Bermuda, now an expanding arts district. Enjoy the colorful houses, sunny beaches, and local arts of the exotic, yet close, English-speaking neighbor, which has been inviting tourism for centuries.

Cruise Through History Virtual Tour of Havana

Enter the Havana harbor with Dr. Sherry, where the history of the city begins at the entrance to the port. Then virtually tour the forts, streets, and monuments contributing to the story of this once vibrant destination, waiting to renew its energy.

The next session of the Cruise through History Virtual Travel Group is Monday, Feb. 7, at 1 pm EST.

Cruise through History Virtual Tour Black Pharaohs of Egypt

Travel to the 25th Dynasty of Egypt, the Black Pharaohs Piye, Shebitku, and Shabaka of the Kingdom of Kush, as they united Egypt for the third time, restored monuments, and reinvigorated traditions. Protecting temples of the Upper Nile, now Sudan, gave impetus to the World Heritage Sites commission.

Virtual Tour of Bergen Norway

Sail into Bergen harbor, where history meets you at the dock. Colorful buildings of centuries hold stories of merchants battling priests and a city hero. Museums, fountains, and theaters fill a city dedicated to the arts.

Cruise Through History Virtual Tour – Singapore

Wander gardens of this island nation, which rose from third world, to power center of world commerce in a few decades. Oversize trees and glass dome spaces are capped by a swimming pool in the sky.

Cruise Through History Virtual Tour – Bangkok

Travel with the Emerald Buddha from its legendary beginnings to its home in the palace in Bangkok, to dispel any idea this is an inanimate object. The Emerald Buddha directed elephants to bring it to peaceful territory in Thailand.

Cruise Through History Virtual Tour – Buenos Aires

Tango through several of the 48 neighborhoods, vibrant history, colorful characters and distinctive architecture, including the newest Puerto Madero, where all the streets are named for women in the history of Argentina.

Cruise Through History Walk through the Ancient Passageway on a Virtual Tour of Petra

Step back 2,000 years, through the Sig and enter Petra, the World Heritage Site city in Jordan, on a virtual tour with Dr. Sherry, as she takes you into the red granite city of Nabateans, a trade center from Egypt to Rome and Jerusalem.

Cruise through History Virtual Tour through Cherry Blossoms in Japan

In Japan people gather with friends to Hanami, that is to enjoy the blossoms. Travel around Japan to visit three favorite cherry blossom viewing sites in full bloom with Dr. Sherry.

Cruise Through History Virtual Tour – Sydney

In this Episode of Cruise Through History, Dr. Sherry uncovers Sydney, Australia’s checkered past. Slaves, gold, and gang wars still color the city today. Sydney is a patchwork of several dramatic eras. Its turbulent history lives on in the city’s art and architecture.

Take a Virtual Tour of Malta and the Co-Cathedral of St. John

Malta, closer to Africa than Europe, has a long history of battles and deep sense of Christianity, since the landing of St. Paul in AD60. Visit Rabat, which holds the Church of St. Paul over the catacombs, although Malta wa ruled from Medina, where we find the Cathedral of St. Paul. When the Knights of St. John arrived, they built Valetta, named for the victorious Grand Master. The Knights built the Church of St. John, made opulent by later nights, and adopted by the Bishop of Malta in 1810 as a second home, the Co-Cathedral of St. John. Visit here in video the most opulent church in the world, in Malta. This is where the great painter Caravaggio became a Knight and contributed his masterpiece to the church of the Knights.

Oslo, Norway – Cruise Through History Virtual Tour

It’s a pilgrimage to this site that people from all over the world take
to experience the wonder and catharsis of the cycle of life. In the
latest Cruise Through History Virtual Tour, historian and storyteller
Dr. Sherry Hutt takes you inside the Vigeland Sculpture Garden.

Sites Overlooked by Tourists in Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is a fascinating city for visitors. Winding streets of the old city are full of stories, which continue to unfold for repeat visitors. For the first time or frequent visitor, there are special places that even city veterans have yet to visit. Two lesser visited gems are not lacking in grandeur. Visit them now in a virtual tour of Barcelona featuring the Palace of Music, by city architect and dean of Barcelona Catalan Modernisme architecture, Lluis Montaner, and Palace of Guell, the home of the patron to Barcelona’s favorite architect, Antoine Gaudi.

The Backstreets of Venice, Italy

Take a little virtual history tour of three sites in the back streets of Venice with Dr. Sherry. While planes are grounded, or adjusting to post-covid systems of travel, and cruise ships sit in the docks, waiting for ports to reopen to visitors, travel in pictures to ports of the world, with a little history. As always. Dr. Sherry shares fun info, with colorful photos of places where inspiring characters built the palaces, castles and quaint cities of the world. In this short tour, Dr. Sherry shares three favorite places in Venice, rarely visited by tourists, places to enhance your visit next time in this wonderful city, to inspire a visit, or just enjoy travel without having to pack a suitcase.

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