Bistro on Five: Snag the Best Bargain in Specialty Dining on Celebrity Before It Is Gone

May 25, 2016

Most cruise lines offer specialty dining venues in addition to wonderful options always available in the main dining room and café.  Typically there is a fee for specialty dining.  Celebrity Cruises has its elegant specialty French and Italian restaurants, in addition to fun dining at the backyard Grill and Cuisine, the place to share creative tidbits with many new friends.  My favorite, and the place I go for a bit of unwinding after performing, is the Bistro on 5.  

Bistro On Five crepe

Bistro On 5 crepe

Bistro on 5 offers imaginative crepes, savory and sweet, substantial salads, and daily dining specials.  For the modest $10 cover charge, Bistro on 5 has offered the best bargain in specialty dining anywhere on the seas.  Sink into the luscious leather sofas and watch the world float by as the waiters pamper you with goodies.

Like most major cruise lines, Celebrity strives to keep their offerings fresh and updated to guest desires.  Changing even a menu, without changing the dining room concept, represents millions of dollars in corporate investment.  The new Celebrity Grill on the 15th deck, where premium steaks are cooked on an outdoor bar-b-que grill is such an innovation.  

Starting in June 2016, the Celebrity fleet of ships will begin the transformation of Bistro on 5 into Sushi on 5, beginning with the Celebrity Silhouette.  The current offering of sushi in the casual dining café will rebloom in top quality sushi creations, elaborately prepared by master sushi chefs in the new Sushi on 5, an ala-cart sushi restaurant.  Premium sake will also be on the specialty menu.  

Sushi aficionados will enjoy the new specialty option as they sink into the new red leather sofas amidst the new décor.  They can watch the world float by as they sip sake and are pampered by waiters delivering fresh sushi to the table.  

I will be there too.  Although I regret the loss of Bistro on 5, Sushi on 5 makes great sense.  The small dining room is a wonderful venue for relaxed, yet very special individually prepared dishes.  No doubt, the new restaurant will be so popular that reservations will be necessary.

Hopefully, the crepes and other items from the menu at Bistro on 5 will appear on occasion in the dining room.  With a menu that would support a popular restaurant anywhere on land, Bistro on 5 has been the best bargain in specialty dining at sea from its inception.  When on Celebrity, enjoy the Bistro on 5, before it is gone.

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