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Announcing Release of Cruise Through History – Itinerary XIII Ports of Africa, India, and Southeast Asia 

April 11, 2022
Read Cruise through History stories, just for fun, before you take a cruise, or when dreaming of travel. Stories are told from the perspectives of people in countries visited, so well-researched, true, and entertaining. History...
Image of Cruise Through History Itinerary 13 Book Cover

Design and Defense of Helsinki

April 5, 2022
Crowning a Baltic cruise is the port of Helsinki. Too often regarded in the shadow of flanking ports of St. Petersburg and Stockholm, Helsinki is a gem to be enjoyed beyond typical shore excursions to...
image of port of helsinki

In Woman’s History Month – Women Who Ruled

February 27, 2022
Since March is Woman’s History Month, it is topical that Cruise through History present an historic look at Women Who Ruled through history. It is an easy step to consider the three top monarchs of...

Announcing Release of Cruise through History Itinerary VI Atlantic Ports of North America with Cuba and Bermuda

October 18, 2021
In Itinerary VI, Ports of the Atlantic Coast of North America, travel north from Miami to Montreal, porting in Cuba and Bermuda along the way. Stories are drawn from ancient to recent history, showcasing delightful...
cover of book 13 itinerary vi

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