Itinerary III Ports of the Eastern Mediterranean – Now Available!

April 6, 2020

Announcing release of Cruise through History© – Itinerary III Ports of the Eastern Mediterranean, sixth installment in storybooks for travelers from author Sherry Hutt.

Itinerary III Cruise through History of Ports of the Eastern Mediterranean takes readers through Athens and islands of Greece, Cyprus, Turkey and Israel. At each port are stories of characters who built fortresses, palaces and museums. Enter the Parthenon Museum as the beneficiary of Melina Mercouri, who as Cultural Minister for Greece made a case for return of bits of the Greek icon from foreign museums, despite death threats. In Mykonos heroines are well-known Jaqueline Kennedy Onassis and not as well-known outside of Greece Manto Mavrogenous. In Acre, Rhodes and Troy heroes are knights and super-heroes of movie fame, whose real-life feats are as amazing as portrayed on screen.

Greece- Santorini Cruise Ships in the Caldera

Stories take readers to caves and on travels of the Apostles and along footsteps of Jesus, in Patmos, Bethlehem and along the Dead Sea. Meet emperors and queens of the ancient world, who built cities of trade, led ships in battle and left lasting monuments to their accomplishments 2,500 hundred years ago. In Troy, Delos, Santorini and Crete, heroes are archaeologists, who have brought ancient stories to life. Guidebooks will be rewritten with new finds of science. The Phaistos disc of Crete has yet to be deciphered. Poet Lord Byron met his own challenges, when he swam the Hellespont to prove his strength.

Turkey – Sultans Center of Istanbul

Meet Alcibiades, the manipulative Greek, who cheated at chariot racing; the man who discovered Troy and the man who took credit for discovery; and the financial manager for emperors of Constantinople, who built Chora, a church as his monument. Be introduced to Empress Zoe, golden woman of the Hagia Sophia, who posed for the mosaic with two of her three husbands. Hagia Sophia was rebuilt after a riot stemming from a sporting match, that story too is in this volume. On Cyprus, look east and west on a divided island. Put yourself in a pub chair on pretty little Chania harbor for harrowing stories over time.

Cruise through History© takes readers beyond guide books to tell stories that make ports along a typical cruise itinerary special and intriguing. Add depth and meaning to your travels, or just read the wonderfully illustrated stories for the interpersonal side of history your teachers never mentioned. Go into homes of historic celebrities to see what motivated their legacies on the landscape left for you to enjoy. Answer the ago-old question, What were they thinking? Stories of history are parables for today.

Isreal-Jerusalem Heart Garden of Gesthsemane

Author Sherry Hutt has traveled for thirty years collecting stories of places and taking photos. She spends half the year entertaining cruise guests with stories of port cities. Reading Cruise through History may inspire a cruise, or just enjoy armchair travel. Stories are true and will amaze readers with what was left out of history in school.

Cyprus – Limassol Center of World Trade over centuries

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