It’s My Birthday

September 7, 2016

It’s my birthday and I feel so blessed with gifts.

My legs still take me everywhere I want to go:
I can climb mountains to see the sunrise;
I bound up and down all the floors of museums;
I can stay in attic rooms of B & Bs with shallow tread stairs.

My eyes still see and my mind comprehends:
I can read and discover new writers;
I can meet new people and learn their stories;
I can view the world and be in awe.

My senses bring me sounds and smells of life:
I awake to birds; smell the flowers;
I respond to children; smell the brownies baking;

I hear the thunder and smell the rain in the trees.
Health is a gift.  We can work to keep it like new,
Or neglect and abuse it, but it is not something
We can purchase, wrap, and give to another.

The more birthdays I have, the more I appreciate my gifts.

Birthday Picture, CTH

Birthday Picture, CTH

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