Join the Cruise through History Book Club August 24 at 1 pm EST – for a story of Hidden Streets of Venice

August 5, 2020

Join other travelers, reaching out from social distancing across the country, for a fun story on Hidden Streets of Venice. Like other book clubs, this book club enjoys reading and sharing books of stories from places readers may travel. This time, take a August holiday from reading on the group schedule and join without any obligation to read anything. Join in to share experiences in Venice and generally a love of travel.

Canova Tomb and Venetian Guild Hall
Canova Tomb and Venetian Guild Hall

On August 24 at 1 PM EST, we will enjoy a little Cruise through History romp in pictures and story through Hidden Streets of Venice. We will start at the familiar St. Marks Cathedral for a little story of the Four Horses of St. Marks, rescued from Napoleon by adored Italian sculptor Canova. Then virtually roam the streets to the rarely visited cathedral where Canova sculpted his tomb. Venice was a place of wealth from commerce. Visit the most magnificent trading guilds in the city, then end at the Jewish Quarter, muse for Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice.

Jewish Ghetto

Learn from fellow travelers of their favorite spots to visit in Venice. When the world is back on its keel, may we all visit our favorite sites and venture to new places. Until then, put August 24 at 1 pm on your calendar. Email with your email address to be added for the Zoom meeting.

Streets of Venice

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