Take a Virtual Tour of the Hidden Backstreets of Venice with Dr. Sherry

August 18, 2020
Canal of Venice

Photo by Dr. Sherry Hutt

Take a little virtual history tour of three sites in the back streets of Venice with Dr. Sherry. While planes are grounded, or adjusting to post-covid systems of travel, and cruise ships sit in the docks, waiting for ports to reopen to visitors, travel in pictures to ports of the world, with a little history. As always. Dr. Sherry shares fun info, with colorful photos of places where inspiring characters built the palaces, castles and quaint cities of the world. In this short tour, Dr. Sherry shares three favorite places in Venice, rarely visited by tourists, places to enhance your visit next time in this wonderful city, to inspire a visit, or just enjoy travel without having to pack a suitcase.

Watch the video and join the Cruise through History Book Club by zoom on August 24, at 1 pm, to share travel experiences in Venice with fellow travelers. This month take a break from reading on the book club schedule and enjoy an opportunity to reach out to others. Send a note to sherry@cruisethroughhistory.com to join the zoom book club list. Or just watch the video and enjoy.

Watch for future videos of Virtual Tours with Dr. Sherry on this site, or read all the Cruise through History Stories in the storybooks, available through this site. When ships again sail the seas of the world, sail on a cruise ship with Dr. Sherry for live performances.

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