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Travel in the White Sea Part I – Archangel

September 25, 2019
Exploring the White Sea intrigues travelers as much today as it did the English sailors in 1553, who happened on the opening from the Arctic Ocean into an ice-free port in a storm. They sailed into the domain of Ivan IV, when he was young, open to trade with England and not yet terrible. The sixteenth century Merchant Adventurers fell short of an idealized transit to the Far East, when they sailed into English maritime history....

Murmansk – Russian City of the Arctic Ocean

September 18, 2019
Murmansk, Russia’s largest city north of the Arctic Circle was founded over a century ago as a supply depo to Moscow in wartime. Decades later, during World War II, Murmansk was the destination of the legendary Murmansk convoys. The merchant marine convoys from Brooklyn, New York to the Kola Harbor of Murmansk, provided critical supplies to Stalin for defense of Hitler’s eastern front incursion into the then Soviet Union....

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