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In Jordan Go Beyond Petra to Jerash

January 23, 2020
Of the millions of visitors who come to Jordan each year to see Petra, most leave without heading north of Amman to Jerash. To do so is a missed opportunity to see an impressive 2,000-year-old city, executed at the height of Roman building prowess. Jerash is the city of hundreds of columns....

Spend Intimate Moments in Less Visited Temples of Upper Egypt

January 9, 2020
Small temples of Egyptian Nubia, known since ancient times as Upper Egypt, the upstream Nile area of Southern Egypt and Northern Sudan, are no less grand in execution than Early Kingdom pyramids of Giza and...

Cruise Lake Nasser on Prince Abbas for an Intimate Experience with History

January 2, 2020
Over 200 river boats now sail the Nile River in Egypt. The highlight of a Nile River cruise is a visit to the temples of Luxor and Karnak, so close to the river and joined by the Avenue of Sphinxes. Three boats are currently sailing on Lake Nasser, the lake created above the Old Dam and Aswan High Dam on the Nile. Around the lake are impressive temples built by New Kingdom Egyptian Pharaohs and Nubian Lords, followed by late pharaohs and Romans. Fewer boats on the lake allow an intimate view of ancient history....

Zoë – Golden Woman of the Hagia Sophia: A Byzantine Soap Opera

April 8, 2015
The Byzantine era has so often been portrayed as the Dark Ages that the understanding of history for so many people runs from the fall of the Roman Empire to the Renaissance, as though nothing...
Portrait of Zoë in mosaic, Hagia Sophia, Istanbul.

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