Excursions to Ports of the World and News for Cruise Travelers

Legend of the El Dorado and the Gold Lake of Colombia

September 23, 2015
Nothing incited 16th century Spanish exploration in the new world more than the possibility of finding cities of gold available for plunder.  Columbus sailed west to reach the riches of the Far East.  Later explorers,...
Balsa Muisca, 19 inch gold ceremonial raft in Gold Museum, Bogota

Genoa: 800 Years of History – No Crowds

July 29, 2015
Just a few bends further in the road north, or two more train stops from the popular Ligurian coast cities of Portofino and San Margarita, is the historic power-port city of Genoa.  Often by-passed by...
today's Harbor

New Cruise Ships Mean More Time in Port- Fewer Destination Presentations

June 17, 2015
The big news in the cruise industry for the coming years is all about the launch of new ships.  There can be no doubt that despite the ups and downs of the economy, travelers are...
several ships in the caldera at Santorini

Cruise Lines Add Exciting New Ports for 2015

June 6, 2015
In their zest to interest cruise travelers with high-quality service, the cruise line destination port specialists have been working overtime to seek out new ports to add to their itineraries.  Ever sensitive to global issues,...
angels of Lecce

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