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As the Pope Invites Visitors to View the Sindone (Shroud); Turin Tempts Visitors to Stay for Much More

May 27, 2015
The Shroud of Turin is either a relic of Jesus, created from his burial shroud at the electro-magnifying moment that he rose, or it is a 12th or 13th century fiction.  Scientists agree that this...
Shroud, now laid out under bulletproof glass

Cruises When the Port Excursion is Optional

May 20, 2015
With increasing frequency I meet cruise travelers who enjoy the onboard experience such that they chose not to take shore excursions.  Others use the shore excursions to create different cruise experiences from the same itinerary....
Celebrity Dining Room

The Essential Skate Shoe/Slip-on Sneaker for Cruise Travel

May 13, 2015
After selecting the perfect cruise itinerary, the next big decision for cruise travelers is what to pack for a complete cruise wardrobe in a suitcase with a 50-pound weight limit.  Even the most experienced travel...
Collection of cruise shoes, photo courtesy of CTH

The Shroud of Turin: Most Venerated and Most Studied

May 6, 2015
Even non-Catholic children know that the shroud of Turin is associated with the mystery of the resurrection of Christ.  To accept the length of linen as the true photographic depiction of Christ, as he lay...

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