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Visit Denmark for a Vision of Living with Renewable Energy

June 4, 2016
Travel to northern Denmark, the Juteland peninsula, for a view of renewable energy living in real time.  While the world leaders met this spring to enter into an agreement to reduce the effects of carbon...
wind powered Denmark

Believe in Santa Claus

December 16, 2015
Santa Claus, or more accurately, Saint Nikolaos, was a real person.  His name was Nikolaos of Patara, born March 15, 270.  He was a Greek priest, in a Greek town, in present day Turkey.  Since...
St. Nikolaos in Bari, Italy

Europe without the Crowds

June 24, 2015
Each summer travel writers warn of the mob of tourists that descend on favorite European destinations during the high season.  Articles advise visitors to popular cities such as Paris, Florence, Milan, Venice and Pompeii to...
St. Malo, France

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