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Announcing Release of Cruise through History Itinerary VI Atlantic Ports of North America with Cuba and Bermuda

October 18, 2021
In Itinerary VI, Ports of the Atlantic Coast of North America, travel north from Miami to Montreal, porting in Cuba and Bermuda along the way. Stories are drawn from ancient to recent history, showcasing delightful...
cover of book 13 itinerary vi

Alaska as a Tourist – Such Wonderful Fun!

July 11, 2018
Alaska is a great state of wilderness and cultural sites.  Russia sold the territory to the United States as a protective buffer from Britain.  Russian Emperor Alexander II soon regretted the move.  His successors regretted...

Spend the New Year in Key West: the First Mile of Sun in the U.S.

January 6, 2016
For travelers looking for a mid-winter haven there is one place where Americans can feel as though they have entered another world, without needing a passport.  It is the one place in the United States...
Southernmost Point in the US

Boston: The Mayflower Compact and the Spirit of Freedom

November 26, 2015
As the weather cools and fresh turkey advertisements lead the newspaper shopping section, Americans plan for their Thanksgiving holiday.  In school, children study pilgrims as the people who bartered with local Indians for fresh meat...
Boston State House and Massacre Marker

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