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Marseille, France – Most Revitalized Cruise Port

December 18, 2018
If there were awards for the most revitalized cruise destination port, Marseille would be a prime contender. Only decades ago, Marseille was showing the shabby side of the docks. Long forgotten was its prime as...

Barcelona, Spain – Plaza de España

May 10, 2018
Detour to the other Barcelona at Plaza de España Barcelona is a top visitor destination and cruise port stop for good reason. The sections of this many-faceted city immediately open to the port, from which...

Valencia – The Not-To-Miss Cruise Destination

July 14, 2017
Valencia has long been a vacation destination for its miles of beautiful beaches and its predictable sunshine.  Cruise visitors may think of the port as merely somewhere to pass time between the better-known Barcelona and...
Roman Fountain Archaeological Site, CTH photo

A Mothers’ Day Tribute to Two Mothers in History

May 12, 2017
While preparing to leave for the next series of cruises, I am reminded by the calendar that Mother’s Day will occur during my absence.  After phoning mom, mailing a few cards, conspiring with my siblings...
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